Do Dental Sealants Really Prevent Cavities?

As a devoted parent, your child’s health and happiness are at the forefront of your concerns. Among the many aspects of their well-being their oral care stands out, especially when it comes to safeguarding their teeth against cavities. The recent technology of dental sealants offer a powerful defense, shielding your child’s teeth from potential cavities and other dental woes. Between a painless procedure and their complementary work to fillings, let’s dive into the details of sealants to find their value is safeguarding your child’s oral health. 

The Effectiveness of Dental Sealants

When it comes to protecting your child’s teeth from the threat of cavities, dental sealants stand out as an immensely effective solution. As a child’s teeth continue to grow and gain shape, certain teeth may naturally develop deep grooves that are hard to clean, even with a rigorous brushing and flossing routine. Whether it’s a molar or a canine, if it’s not getting thoroughly scrubbed, it’s a potential site for a future cavity.

A History Of Stopping Cavities

Studies have shown a significant difference in cavity rates between children with dental sealants and those without. In fact, children without sealants are nearly three times more likely to develop cavities. The mechanism behind this success lies in the way dental sealants create a protective barrier on the surface of the teeth. By applying a thin, plastic coating onto the molars and premolars, sealants seal off the natural grooves and crevices where food particles and bacteria tend to accumulate, thereby reducing the risk of cavities.

No Drills, No Fuss

One of the most reassuring aspects of dental sealants is the straightforward and non-invasive application process. Unlike some more intimidating, scary procedures,  the process of applying dental sealants is virtually painless for your child. At Springfield Dental Group, we start with cleaning the teeth to be sealed, then apply an adhesive material to the tooth surface, and finally place the sealant material onto the enamel. A specialized light is then used to harden the sealant, ensuring its durability. Remarkably, this entire process only takes a single dental visit.

Are Sealants Worth It?

Are dental sealants really necessary? Is your child’s cavity protection worth the procedure? The answer lies in the proactive approach that comes from sealants. Beyond preventing cavities, they contribute to long-term oral health by acting as a safeguard against potential future dental issues. Not only does this proactive approach reduce the risk of cavities, but it can also save you money in the long run by minimizing the need for more extensive dental procedures. By integrating dental sealants into your child’s oral hygiene routine, you’re investing in their dental well-being for years to come.

What Are The Risks?

In terms of risks, studies have demonstrated that dental sealants are safe and effective. Concerns about exposure to BPA from sealants are largely unfounded, as the levels are minimal and well within safe limits. Additionally, if your child already has fillings, the application of dental sealants is typically compatible and can provide an extra layer of protection to the teeth.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Sealants

As a parent, you play a pivotal role in your child’s dental health journey. Dental sealants offer a powerful tool to prevent cavities and protect your child’s precious smile. With proven effectiveness, a painless application process, choosing dental sealants is an informed decision that positively impacts your child’s oral health. Reach out to us to discuss the suitability of dental sealants for your child and take a proactive step toward ensuring their healthy and radiant smile for years to come. Don’t let cavities take a toll on their oral health—empower them with the protection of dental sealants today.