The Design & Fabrication of Your Dental Crown

During the design process, we’ll pick a shade of porcelain that blends perfectly with your teeth’s natural sheen and translucence. We work with a local dental laboratory to physically build our crowns, allowing for the best possible results.

Placing Your Crown to Ensure a Natural Appearance

We strongly recommend all-porcelain crowns for optimal results. The variety of shades available makes it possible to fit you for a crown that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, and the durability of the material gives you the same bite strength you had before your original tooth was lost or damaged. Porcelain also offers the strength necessary to restore the tooth structure.

What Does the Dental Crown Process Look Like?

During an initial consultation, Drs. Dave and Matt Scurria will examine your teeth to determine your candidacy for dental crown treatment. If we determine you are a candidate and you elect to move forward, we’ll administer a local anesthetic to make you more comfortable, then remove any decayed or damaged portions of your tooth.

We may also need to build the tooth up to create a stronger foundation for the crown. This accommodates the crown and makes it fit comfortable as part of your smile. Once the tooth is ready for the procedure, we’ll take impressions that will be sent to our local laboratory for fabrication. As we wait for the fabrication process to finish – usually about three weeks – we may place a temporary crown for comfort and enhanced dental function.

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Placing Your New Dental Crown

After the fabrication process is completed, we’ll bring you back to our office to place your permanent crown. We’ll be able to use a strong dental bonding adhesive to secure it on top of your damaged tooth. We can also polish your smile as part of the process.

Implant-Supported Restorations

We can design implant-supported crowns if you’re having dental implants put in. For this procedure, we’ll secure your restoration directly to the implant post, instead of to a natural tooth. This combination of crowns and dental implants provides the most natural, longest-lasting solution possible for overall dental health.

For questions about dental crowns or their placement, or to set up an appointment, reach out to Springfield Dental Group today!

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