A Look at the Denture Process

We’ll set up a one-on-one consultation with you at the outset, so we can determine your candidacy for dentures and schedule the date of your extraction.
Our team will take X-rays, 3D scans and impressions of your teeth, gums and jaw so we can design your dentures.
We’ll make all the necessary extractions. If we’ve determine you are a candidate for immediate dentures, we will create your replacement teeth and place them as soon as the extraction process is finished, allowing you to begin healing right away. Otherwise, we’ll fit your conventional dentures to your mouth after your gums heal.

Afterward, we’ll schedule regular check-ups to ensure your partial or complete dentures will last.

*Under some circumstances, dental implants may be needed to securely anchor dentures.

Do Dentures Ever Need to Be Replaced?

Natural teeth undergo natural wear and tear over time, and so do dentures. We design our full and partial dentures for durability, but they may eventually need to be replaced to maximize function, or realigned to keep the alignment of your jaw normal.

When natural teeth are in place, they, in turn, keep the jaw in place. But when teeth are removed, there’s not much in place to prevent the jaw from moving or shrinking. Thus, the benefit of dentures: Not only do they keep your smile looking great and allow you to eat all the same foods you could eat before, they keep your jaw aligned to maximize longevity and comfort.

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