The Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

No matter how diligent your oral hygiene routine, no one can get rid of all the plaque and tartar buildup that’s left behind. Our hygienists will take care of all this debris, leaving nothing but a brilliant, clean smile. A routine cleaning (sometimes called a prophylaxis) also gives our dental team a chance to detect early signs of disease, protecting your oral health into the future and saving you costs down the road. It can even freshen your breath!

Our Advanced Dental Technology

We use our state-of-the-art dental technology and extensive experience to offer a thorough catalog of dental treatments and procedures, using the most recent advances in dentistry. A patient’s initial routine cleaning will include a digital X-ray as well.

Our Digital X-Rays

At Springfield Dental Group, we use the highest-resolution digital technology available to us. This technology:

  • Reduces by up to 90% the patient’s exposure to X-rays
  • Is eco-friendly, with no film to develop or chemicals to dispose of
  • Offers early detection of tooth and gum issues
  • Carries significant health benefits compared to traditional X-Rays
  • Can significantly reduce consequences of undetected oral health issues.


Our new panoramic and 3D cone beam machine replaces a previous panoramic X-ray machine. This machine allows us to see your head and neck anatomy as well, giving us the chance to offer a much more thorough diagnosis, and emits the lowest level of radiation on the market with the clearest images.

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Intra-oral Dental Camera

Intra-oral Dental Camera

This technology is a tiny digital camera designed to allow close examination of each tooth.

  • Magnified images are projected onto a monitor, so the patient can see what the dentist sees.
  • The camera makes it easier to detect broken or worn fillings, worn sealants, and cracked or broken teeth early.
  • Patients see less long-term damage to their teeth and gums, as well as fewer visits to the dentist.

Drill-Less Dentistry

Drill-less Dentistry

Drill-less dentistry features air abrasion technology that removes tooth decay and gets teeth ready for other procedures. Benefits include:

  • No heat, sound, pressure or vibration
  • Reduced need for anesthesia
  • Less of the healthy tooth area disturbed
  • No drilling; most patients say the procedure painless
  • Multiple sites can be treated in a single visit, which means fewer appointments in the future

For further questions about routine cleanings, or to get your routine cleaning on the calendar, reach out to Springfield’s most trusted family dentist!

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