Why to Consider a Topical Fluoride Treatment

Levels of fluoride in the teeth naturally ebb and flow over time – sometimes the food we eat and water we drink causes fluoride loss, sometimes they cause fluoride gain. But when teeth start to demineralize, fluoride levels start to get too low, necessitating action to prevent tooth decay.

Our fluoride treatments are designed as a proactive defense against tooth decay caused by buildup of acid and bacteria in the mouth. Fluoride treatment may also alleviate sensitivity in the teeth and roots. If you’re concerned about loss of fluoride in your teeth, you may be a candidate for our treatment.

Our Process for Fluoride Treatment

  • We start out by examining your teeth and gums to make sure fluoride treatment is the right step for you.
  • Next, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth to remove excess plaque, tartar and food debris.
  • Following a thorough rinse, we’ll apply the topical fluoride gel/varnish to each individual tooth.

That’s it! The whole process runs about 2 minutes from start to finish, though we recommend you wait at least 30 minutes afterward before you eat or drink. This ensures that the fluoride has a chance to dry and take full effect.

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