The Tooth Extraction Process

Every tooth removal at Springfield Dental Group begins with a one-on-one consultation. We’ll familiarize ourselves with your pain and other symptoms and figure out the best way to alleviate them. If we think removing the tooth is the right call, we’ll work with you to get information about your medical history and reactions to anesthesia.

Once we get to the actual procedure, we’ll numb the tooth with local anesthesia, then carefully extract it. We’ll determine ahead of time whether you’ll be able to drive home afterward or whether you’ll need a reliable third party to drive you. We’ll follow up afterward to check on the progress of your recovery and ensure everything is going smoothly.

Dr. Matt Scurria: The Importance of Experience

Dr. Matt is our extraction expert, thanks to his lengthy background in diagnosing tooth-related pain and finding its source. His 300 hours of volunteer dentistry, the majority of which was spent dealing with extractions and root canals, have given him the necessary expertise to make sure your procedure goes swimmingly.

Signs That a Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Redness, pain and gum swelling
Pain and stiffness in the jaw
Extensive tooth decay
Teeth that move when they bite
Inability to restore teeth
Foul taste in your mouth

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